About us

Our modern fleet offers safe and efficient trucking service. Fulfilling the EURO 5 emission standard, we are able to transport your cargo through environmental and fine-particle restriction zones. Reducing emissions and toll costs creates further advantages for our clients. All our fleet units can be precisely traced by our dispatchers.

  • Vehicle superstructures according to load safety regulation (VDI 2700)
  • In total more than 10 trucking units
  • All trucks fulfill the Euro 5 and Euro 6 emission standards
  • Low-beds and vessel bridges
  • Double extendible trailers
  • Manure/organic waste trailers
  • BF-3 escort vehicles

For the sake of safety and compliance with standards, our trucking units are fully equipped with all required safety equipment. Our clients can be sure, that we are prepared for all eventual cases, in order to safeguard smooth and on-time transportation.